Difference between Egg Donation and Surrogacy

When a couple decides that it is the right time for them to start a family, not being able to conceive can be traumatic for them. After realizing that there is a problem, they need to look for the right diagnosis and accordingly start with the treatment. The advancement of medical science has brought a wide array of treatment options for childless couples, one of which can be chosen according to the problems of the couple. Egg donation and surrogacy are some of the options available for the couples struggling with conception.

Egg Donation & Surrogacy

Egg Donation- An Overview

When the couple is not able to conceive because the woman is not able to produce eggs or the eggs are not good enough to get fertilized into an embryo, then egg donation may seem to be the only feasible option. The donated egg is fertilized in the laboratory and then placed in the mother’s womb using in vitro fertilization or IVF technique. It may come as a shock to the parents as it implies the loss of genetic link with the child, but the couple has to come to terms with the situation as what is more important is having a baby. In this respect, it would be good if you choose the egg donor with the help of a reputed fertility clinic or a donor agency, as they help you choose the right person among the available donors. This is done keeping in mind the factors like age, health condition, physical characteristics, educational and cultural background of the donor, which should be ideally suitable for your family and background. The egg donation may involve an anonymous donor or someone known to the couple, a family member or a friend. It is all the matter of their personal choice.

Surrogacy- An Overview

Surrogacy is another infertility solution which comes to rescue of those parents in which the woman is unable to carry the child during pregnancy because of a physical problem. In surrogacy, a woman is chosen to carry the child for a couple. It may involve having their own genetic offspring, an embryo created by combining their egg and sperm in the laboratory, placed in the surrogate’s womb. The second option is that the embryo is formed with donor eggs or sperms, depending upon the problem being encountered by the couple. There are agencies which provide surrogate services, but it is necessary to look for a reliable one so that no legal issues crop up in the future as surrogacy in india is covered by law. While choosing a surrogate, a variety of factors need to be considered such as her age, health, background and intentions of the surrogate, as it is better to look for someone who does it with a sense of kinship than for money.

Conventionally, egg donation involves pregnancy in the patient’s womb while surrogacy involves another woman who is chosen to bear the child for nine months and give birth to it. The fact is that depending upon the problem of the childless couple, both these techniques can be a boon for them.

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