New Health Alert For IVF Babies

IVF or in vitro fertilization is becoming an increasingly used fertility technique in the recent time, but the method has been associated with some health risks for the babies born by IVF. According to a study conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2009 in over 18500 births, IVF babies had double the risk of developing heart defects and half time more likely to suffer from digestive tract problems. Similarly, the risk of disorders related to the bowel was 3.7 times more while that of cleft lip was 4 times more.

As a result, a health alert has been issued worldwide for IVF babies. It has also been found out that there is a greater risk of heart valve defect in such babies, along with minor chances of developing genetic disorders like Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome and Angelman Syndrome. Therefore, it is essential for the prospective parents to be aware of these risks before they opt for seeking the IVF treatment as they may end up with a baby with birth defects and hear the suffering for a lifetime. According to the survey, the risk of birth defects is nearly 2.5% in normal people and it rises to 3.5% in IVF babies. However small the risk maybe, awareness is essential for the couple so that they can make the right decision.

Why are IVF babies at greater health risks?

The subject of increased health risks in IVF babies is still under research and no definite cause has yet been established. Theoretically speaking, nature has programmed healthy and fertile couples to conceive naturally as they can bring an offspring which is healthy and has greater chances to live a disease free life. On the other hand, nature itself is stopping the infertile couples from having children as their children are not likely to be born and live a healthy life due to genetic traits passed on by the parents. Such couples usually show poor quality of sperm or egg or both and even if pregnancy does take place in a normal manner, the child may not be born healthy or survive the hardships of environment. So nature does not want them to be born in the first place, rather than be born sick and with birth defects. But advancement in medical technology has enabled the human race to go beyond the rules of nature and carry out the impossible task of creating an embryo outside the human body with the process of IVF. However, the increased birth risk is a price that the humans have to pay for interfering with nature in this form.

It is recommended that couples should not be hasty to go for IVF just because they are taking longer than usual time to conceive, or in case, a single woman wants to have a baby using IVF Centre in India. They need to weigh the health risks posed for the baby very carefully before they take the decision of having a baby through IVF. Making your life stress free and healthy can come up as a better alternative to boosting fertility and trying yet again.


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