IVF can help Realize the Dream of Starting a Family

In the present scenario, many couples delay pregnancy because they want to focus on their careers and feel that they are not ready to start a family for some years after they get together. Years later, when they see the right time to plan a family and start trying for a baby, nature takes its toll on them and for one reason or the other, they are unable to conceive. This can be the most heartbreaking experience for a couple, when they try month after month, but all the efforts go in vain. Sometimes there may be a medical problem with one of the partners or both of them, while in some couples, pregnancy fails without any known reason, which makes it all even more frustrating. This is when they should resort to fertility treatment and one of the most useful amongst these treatments is IVF, which can help them realize the dream of starting a family.

IVF Clinic

How does IVF help childless couples to conceive?

When a couple tries to conceive naturally, but is not able to do so for a period of six months or more, this rings alarming bells for them and it is the time to seek medical help for the same. IVF is one of the most successful treatments for childless couples, who are having infertility issues. It involves combining the egg and the sperm in the lab conditions and placing the embryo so formed in the uterus of the woman for the pregnancy to continue in the usual manner. IVF is a breakthrough technique which has yielded success even in the most complicated cases, particularly where there have been problems with the eggs of the woman or sperms of the man. In such cases, IVF can be combined with techniques like egg donation, sperm donation and even surrogacy, to create miracle pregnancies. The initial step in IVF is to make fertility tests on the man and the woman so that the actual cause of infertility is pinpointed by the specialist and the treatment is started accordingly. Then the egg production in the woman is stimulated with the help of hormonal therapy, following which they are harvested from her body once released by the ovaries. After this, they are combined with the sperms taken from her partner, through scientific techniques. The healthy embryo(s) is them implanted inside the uterus of the woman for a successful pregnancy to continue.

IVF is like a ray of hope for depressed couples who have tried everything but failed. The procedure offers success in the toughest of cases, but this actually depends upon parameters like age of the woman, her general health and mainly, the expertise of the fertility specialist engaged in performing the IVF. Therefore, when a couple has already explored all other options of conceiving but has failed to get the desired results, they should look for a reputed and experienced IVF clinic because this technique can open new doors for them and help them fulfill their dreams of having children.


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